World Social Forum – Tunis

nunuInternational Human Rights Activist Nunu  Kidane Shares Updates from World Social Forum


At least 70,000 delegates representing more than 4,000 grassroots movements and organisations from 128 countries are participating in the five-day forum, which serves as an human rights centered space to counter  the Davos World Economic Forum, where top political leaders and business elites meet to discuss economic issues.

The event aims to provide a space for a mosaic of youth and labour unions, environmental and peace associations, as well as various communities and activists from across the globe to develop and put forward alternative ideas for a fairer society based on the principles of equality, reciprocity and solidarity.

Over 1,000 workshops will be held during the event, discussing a number of issues such as the fight against hunger, immigrant rights, labour rights in the global economy, gender equality, and climate change.

Nunu Kidane, past Director of Priority Africa Network, BIN Steering Committee and board member of Black Alliance for Just Immigration is attending the Forum. Follow her blog for updates  and perspectives throughout the week at: