Pew Issues Report on Rapid Growth of Black Immigrant Population

PEW Research Issues New Report on Black Immigrant Demographics in the US


A new report issued April  9 by the PEW Research Center shows rapidly growing numbers of black immigrants reshaping the overall black population in the United States over the last three decades.


A record 3.8 million foreign-born blacks now live in the United States, the report  says. The share of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean, as a percentage of the U.S. Black population has grown from 3.1 percent of the black population in 1980 to 8.7 percent in 2013. By 2060, 16.5 percent of the U.S. black population will be foreign-born, the report says.


Pew Research Report Shows Rapidly Growing Black Immigrant Population

The report highlights what the Black Immigration Network (BIN) has been saying for many years, that Black immigrants are an increasingly significant part of Black communities in the U.S. This report is a reflection of how important BIN’s work is as a national network of people and organizations serving black immigrant and African American communities, focused on supporting fair and just immigration, as well as economic and social policies that benefit these communities.


Read the full report here:  Immigrants Are a Growing Share Among Black Americans … As the Black Immigrant Population Has More than Quadrupled Since 1980.