BIN members will be organized into committees and task forces to accomplish its work.  These bodies would submit quarterly reports to the Steering Committee for dissemination to the entire BIN membership.  Some of the areas of potential work are:


Strategizing and Information Sharing. BIN will be a vehicle for briefings, strategizing and information sharing on critical issues (e.g., briefings on migration patterns of Black immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America or strategizing about building alliances between African Americans born in the U.S. and black immigrant communities).


Joint Projects and Campaigns. BIN members will collaborate on joint projects (e.g., speaking tours, forums, workshops or advocacy campaigns, like the recent campaigns against the deportation of Haitians and Liberians).   It would not be necessary for all BIN members to participate in any given project.  Members may choose which project they want to be a part of.


Technical Assistance and Training. BIN members will share their expertise through technical assistance and training for other BIN members (e.g., trainings on alliance building or media outreach).


Policy Position Papers. BIN committees will prepare policy position papers and submit them to BIN members for endorsement.


Communications. BIN will build a website and communications network to make its positions, projects, campaigns and resources readily available to its members, potential members and the general public.  BIN will also develop the capacity to get its messages out through the mainstream, ethnic and alternative media in the U.S. as well as the international media.


Membership Development and Outreach. BIN members will actively work to expand BIN’s membership and its outreach to partner organizations and individuals.